We are a small family extremely enthusiastic about slot cars and the joy it brings to us. We buy them, fix them, 

collect them and most off all enjoy racing them as family on a small homebuilt fixed layout.

On the collecting side it’s been a struggle to find a matching pair off certain cars or specific older slot cars. 

We thus decided to source some new and used slot cars and established Uncle Jakes Hobbies. 

Uncle Jakes hobbies is not an online business driven by generating profit. We are not competing with any well-established model and hobby shops.


Please keep in mind that the listed prices are determined closely at what the items cost us. Procuring and shipping items from international countries 

with our current international exchange rates is relatively expensive. 

Some old hard to find slot cars might be more expensive than new slot cars. 

Sometimes it’s the price we pay for that “one off a kind” car that we desire. 

We hope to bring a bit of joy to both collectors and families just as enthusiastic about slot cars as us.